Friday, April 27, 2018

Luxembourg City

Car parks

Even though not so many people live in the Luxembourg capital as in most other European capitals, it is very difficult to find a free parking space, especially during the work day. A list of city car parks with the current number of free spots is here. There are no free of charge park lots in the center. An interesting alternative are P+R car parks. They are free of charge and they are out of the city center. After you park, you can use a city bus to get to the center. As the city is not so big, you may consider a walk instead of a bus. It may take 30 minutes or more depends on the park lot location. Please note, that during the work day, the P+R car parks may be full.

The city

The city center is very calm and modest, as in other 100 thousand people cities. The main square is at d'Armes. In the center is many restaurants and small shops. A souvenirs can can be bought in kiosks. The Luxembourg city center makes impression of a small city in Poland from the 90s. People slowly walk, no one is in a hurry and many shops around. The shops are not displaced by big shopping malls as it happens in other small cities. It is worth noting that the inhabitants are considered one of the happiest nations in Europe.

The cultural center at d'Armes

Bock casamates

The underground city was founded in 1644. Its tunnels were extended to a total length of 23 km. The casamates together with the forts located around the city created a very strong defense system. At that times it was one of the strongest fortresses in Europe. Most of the tunnels did not survive to our times. Currently, there is only a small part of what was originally here that is accessible for tourists. The casamates are on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The casamates are closed in winter. They can be visited from February to the beginning of November. Opening hours are 10:00 am till 5:30 pm (February 10 - March 29, October 1 - November 4), 10:00 am till 8:30 pm (March 30 - September 30). Admission: regular ticket 6 euro, reduced 5 euro, children 3 euro. Apart from the Bock casamates there are also Petrusse ones. As of today, they are closed for tourists. More information on the Bock casamates, the Petrusse casamates.

National Museum of History and Art

It is very interesting museum in Luxembourg. This inconspicuous building from outside turns out to be a huge edifice inside. It is spread out into neighbouring buildings and it is several floors deep into the rock. The permanent exhibition is built from archaeology, fine arts, arts and crafts, coins and medals. The museum is closed on Mondays. On Thursdays it is open from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm, on other days from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. The admission to permanent (large) exhibition is free of charge. Only the temporary exhibitions may cost few euro if there is any at the moment. More information on the museum's website.

Inside of the National Museum of History and Art

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