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Huatulco - 480 km of beaches at Pacific Ocean

Holidays at Pacific

The Mexican government wanted to repeat Cancún touristic success in Huatulco. The success wasn't fully repeated, but many high quality hotels were built with adequately high prices. For example, the very rich-looking city Crucecita. It is very hard to find here cheap accommodation or hostel. Fortunately, the nights are very warm and there are plenty of places on beaches.

The beach at Pacific coast

Mrs "Shop" at the beach

The tents on the beach...


It is possible to come here by bus. From Oaxaca it costs 352 pesos, it is about $19. Other option is to take a plane. The airport is located 10 km south of Santa Maria Huatulco. Moving around here is a bit more complicated. Many places may be difficult to reach without your own vehicle. If you decide to take a taxi, it is safer to agree on the price at the very beginning. Supposedly after dark, the criminality rises on roads and beaches.

Mezcalo - a populator 40% alcohol made by agave with worm

Inside of the local church


The beaches in Huatulco are known because for their high waves. It is one of the best surfing spots in the world. Many other water activities are welcome here including lying down on the beach. Caution, the sun is very powerful, so everyone should have good sun blockers. Especially if you are going to visit the nudist beach in Puerto Ángel.

Thrown from the ocean

It is left by ...?

The crab found a breakfast

It is also worth taking a closer look at flora and fauna. A huge seaside area is reserved for the National Park of Huatulco. You can meet many species of crabs, sea urchins, spiders and many others. At night if you are lucky you can swim together with shining plankton. Unfortunately, I wasn't lucky.

The crab living on the rocks

Probably a home for many animals

The colony of sea urchins

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