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 A crab living in the sand

Coral reef, lagoon, turtles, in December and in January whales.

How to get here

The easiest and the cheapest way to get to Akumal is by collectivo. Akumal is 25 km from Tulum, 10 km after Xel-Ha. From the main road to the beach is 600 meters. If you walk from the road you need to turn right next to the buildings. The beach is long, usually not crowded.

A crab living in seashell


This small village is known for its turtles that you can meet here. If the weather is not good, the turtles don't come out from the water, for example turbulent sea. Then it is also difficult to see them in the water . Hopefully the coral reef is not depended on the weather conditions. It is always there, few dozen meters from the shore. Be carefull, the coral reef is very hard, so it is better to not hit it by the knee ;-).

Presentation of snorkeling equipment

Lagoon Yal-Ku 

There is another attraction - lagoon Yal-Ku. Walk along main road, follow the left, don't turn right to the beach. After 3 km you will reach the lagoon. On the way are very expensive villas with private beaches. Some of them may be rented by tourists. Entry to the lagoon costs 182 pesos or $18. It is possible to rent equipment for snorkeling here, but it is very expensive. It is much better to have it with you. Better prices are in Tulum. Water in the lagoon is a bit colder than in the sea. The place is full of flora and fauna such as coral reef, colorful fishes, pelicans, etc.

A crab and pretty Mexican girl

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