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Bench in the Zócalo park

A good base to visit Chichén Itzá


Near the city is a village called Dzitnup. There are one of the most beautifull cenotes on Yucatan: X'Keken and Samula. In the city of Valladolid is cenote Zaci. From the city center Zócalo, the cenote is located 400 meters to the east. Entry fee is 25 pesos. Above cenote is restaurant with a bit more expensive food. Cheaper restaurants are in Zócalo. At north east corner of Zócalo is a passage with shops and restaurants. You can eat good dinner for normal price.

Cenote Zaci

Chocolate agency

In Valladolid you can visit the representative of the chocolate factory. They offer guided tour about cocoa history for free. In few rooms you will learn how important cocoa was in Mexico and how the chocolate is being produced. At the end you will taste various types of chocolate made from various cocoa seeds. The agency is located at the corner of Calz. de Los Frailes and Calle 48. This is a red building. On the main door is written "cacao".

Cathedral of San Servacio o Gervasio

Tequila agency

In addition to the representative of chocolate factory, here is also representative of tequila producer. The guided tour is also for free here. The guide explains the production process, shows plantations of agave. At the end free tasting. You can taste four shots with tequilas, starting from the cheapest one until the most expensive. You can buy a 0.7l bottle. The price vary from $50 to $100. The agency is located in a red building on a small square with streets Calle 41, Calle 46 i Calz. de Los Frailes.

Chairs in Zócalo

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