Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Mexico for the youngest in Music School named after Karol Szymanowski in Wrocław

I had the pleasure of talking with the youngest children of the day-care center in The Karol Szymanowski Music School 1st and 2nd degree in Wrocław. The meeting was organized as a part of the "An eye to the world" series.

During the meeting I showed unusual pyramids from Maya and Aztec times. I introduced the variety of Mexican nature, from volcanos to canyons and jungles, from lizards, iguanas to American crocodiles.

All of that took place in a splendid atmosphere. Children participated very actively in the lecture. Often sharing their own insights and knowledge that can surprise.

At the end, time for autographs and commemorative diploma with a medal. Thank you very much for the diploma, hand-prepared by the children.

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