Book "Mati w Meksyku" ("Mati in Mexico")

In April 2014 I started the trip to Mexico. For over a month I travelled over 4 thousand km. On my way I visited dozens of wonderful places, met fantastic people and I ate tasty dinners.

It was the first time when I left Europe. First time so far away from home, alone. I had it a little simpler. At the airport my Mexican friend waited for me. She took care of me in the beginning. Later it was only me and my backpack. Where I was, what I did, what happened? All of that you find in my book "Mati w Meksyku" ("Mati in Mexico").

The most important - how to get the book?

It is as easy as writing an email: The book is available for 35zł + shipping cost (approx.: Paczka24 - 12,50zł, Paczka48 - 11zł, DPD - 14zł) or personal pickup in Wrocław. For every book I add individual dedication for free! The book is written in polish, but I don't think it is a problem for you. If you still aren't sure about the book. Check it out in the movie:

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