Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The most dangerous trail in China

Does anyone know what is the most dangerous trail in China? You can check it out on the internet, but internet will not say the truth. It will show "selfie" similar to this one below. Nevertheless, Hua Shan mountain is a fantastic place.

Typical "selfie" from "the most dangerous trail in China"
Mountain Hua Shan

The lecture will not be about Hua Shan. It will be about..... the most dangerous trail in China.

I invite you to this Friday, 2 June, 2017 at 7:00 pm for my opening presentation. I will open the 3rd traveler Festival "PodRóżni". It will take place at the castle in Ząbkowice Śląskie. Details at


Third opened traveler Festival "PodRóżni" is finished. Hopefully weather forecast was incorrect, so it was warm and sunny.

How it was? It was super. Thank you for all the questions and positive feedback. Finally, the mystery of the most dangerous trail in China is solved.

Everyone interested in that direction I welcome to contact with me. I will help.

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