Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Plaza in front of new cathedral

Bus station

After arriving in Campeche I saw crowds at the bus station. A lot of people waited for their buses or stood in long queue for tickets. This situation lasted for the whole day and night. It is hard to say whether the crowds are here every day or it was some special time. This special time could be a beginning winter break for students. Nevertheless, the tickets for the next bus were sold out. After standing few dozen minutes in the queue I had to wait another few hours for the bus to Palenque. I paid 348 pesos for the ticket.

Sculpture in front of the entrance to the cathedral

Bus station - city center

The bus station is 2 km south of the historical city center. It is located on the corner of Av Patricio Trueba de Regil and Av Casa de Justicia. There is a luggage office, but it is not opened all night and the employees like to go somewhere for a long brake.

 Typical street in historical city center

Historical city center

The city center is surrounded by historical defensive walls. Outside the center is a normal car traffic, inside is quiet and calm. Beside the churches, you can see colorful streets and two cathedrals, new and old one. Standard dinner costs 200 pesos, so it is not cheap. The price level here is clearly visible through the cars parked on that streets. For a brake, you may clean your shoes on square in front of the new cathedral.


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