Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Playa Del Carmen

Advertisement above the beach


In this little town are many places to sleep. In the south are expensive villas to rent. In the center are hotels and hostels. None the less it can be hard to find free room without reservation in the high season. I visited many hostels. For half of the day I was looking for the free bed in dormitory for reasonable price. I paid for that 200 pesos, it is $11. It was the most expensive bed for me in Mexico.

One of the streets

The church

Carribean Sea

Undeniably, the main attraction is the Carribean Sea. The water is really blue like on the postcards. There are numerous of restaurants and pubs along the beach. The water is warm, the sand is hot and the woody pier is so hot that it is not possible to walk on it without shoes. At the north end is the beach for natives. Sunglasses are necessary here, as the sun reflecting from the sand is blinding. The offer for divers is also very wide. The prices starts from $100. There is also regular ship to island of Cozumel.

View of the sea

The beach

Night life

Playa Del Carmen is a typical holiday town. In the season, here is much more tourists than natives. What's more, some of the natives are people who came here permanently. So, even not all of the natives are Mexicans. I could meet natives from Australia, Argentina, France and even Poland. In the night the city is like one huge disco club. On the street clubs are trying to be louder than the club next to. The "all inclusive" in club costs several dozen dollars. In fact, the town is full of life for 24 hours.

The ship to the Cozumel

Iguanas in the city

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