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Temple of the Inscriptions


Near the Palenque city is many interesting places. The most important are the ruins of the ancient city. A bit further you can see Misol-Ha waterfall and Agua Azul cascades.
View of the Palace from Temple of Dying Moon


Transport to each of these places may be difficult if you use the public transport. The easiest way is to take one of the local carriers. They offer trips to all of the places. Immediately after I left the bus from Campeche, the carriers "attacked" us with their offers. The offers are very good for a good price, especialy compared with Yucatan. My trip cost 300 pesos and within it I had:
  • ruins of the ancient city Palenque
  • Misol-Ha waterfall
  • Agua Azul cascade
  • ticket for the bus to San Cristóbal
Any additional cost is on our side, so:
  • entry ticket to ruins of the Palenque
  • entry to the jungle where the ruins of Palenqe are located (something like entry fee to our national parks)
  • food, guides, souvenirs, etc.
The ticket to San Cristóbal was very interesting. The price of the ticket was much lower than the price I could find on the internet. I need to say, that the bus was a standard class, the same as I usually take between cities. What's more, the carrier waited with me and one more western tourist for that bus. We waited somewhere at small roadside. When we were safely picked up by the bus, the carrier drove away to the Palenque city with other customers.

In the distance, to the right is the Palace

Ruins of the ancient city

You have to prepare for the following admissions: entry to the national park and a ticket to the ruins. The carrier gave us three hours for sightseeing. Unfortunately, the three hours is not enough if you want to see everything. In slow tempo you can visit the main pyramids and the Palace. If you want to see more ruins, these ones in the jungle you need to walk quicker.

Temple of the Inscriptions

Merchants working inside the ruins are not so intrusive as in Chichén Itzá. You can easily walk next to them and no one will shout, trying to sell any product to a white man. A nice change.

Temple of the Count

Hardly ever it is allowed to get inside the pyramid in Mexico. It is possible here. Next to the Temple of the Inscriptions is Temple XIII. It is allowed to enter that pyramid. Inside is Tomb of the Red Queen.

Ruins in the jungle

Noises from the jungle are hearable all the time. Some of them are scary. You can visit some ruins on less cleared areas with all the noises in the background. The trees, ants and others are everywhere around the ruins. The ruins are in Group C, then Group I and II.

Ruins in the jungle

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