Wednesday, February 28, 2018

San Cristóbal

The Cathedral

On the way to the city

The road from Palenque to San Cristóbal leads through winding mountain roads. On that road, every "few" meters is a speed bump. So, the trip looks like: speeding up, braking, jump (speed bump), sharp turn (mountain road), speeding up, braking, jump, turn, speeding up, ... The trip lasts few hours, so the inconveniences above are getting heavy. Another consequence is a highly likely delay. It can be 30 - 60 minutes at the destination. Additionally, there can be road controls made by army due to Zapatistas' activities.

Average streen in the city


The state of Chiapas is one of the poorest in Mexico. It also has impact to the prices here. In hostels for a single bed in dormitory I paid 80 pesos ($4,15) a night. In comparison to Yucatan, here is three times cheaper.

One of the churches on opposite hills

Attractions in the city

The life in San Cristóbal takes place in Zócalo and the surroundings streets. It can be visible mostly in the evening. Then many citizens and tourists are there. On the street and in restaurants you can listen to Mariachi, drink coffee (20 pesos - $1) or margarita. Margarita is served in large glass with capacity similar to the glass for beer. In Poland, for the same price we get very tiny glass where half of it is filled by ice.

In addition to the entertainment part, you can visit museums, the cathedral or other churches. On two opposite hills, two churches are located. The city center is visible from there. It is also worth going to the market where almost everything can be bought.

The streat to the market

Attractions outside of the city

Many travel agencies offer trips outside of the city. Here is an interesting option for people traveling to Guatemala. They offer a trip to Bonampak (250 km from San Cristóbal) together with the transfer to the Guatemala. Other interesting trip are the Indian village, Sumidero Canyon and many more.

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