Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Agua Azul

Blue water, half of thousand water cascades, everywhere around forest - a moment of relax before further travel.

To get there

The road from Palenque, Misol-Ha is a 45 kilometers of winding mountain road. The bus goes slowly, but you can see views of the Chiapas mountains. We pass many small villages. In these villages every 50 meter is a speed bump. At the speed bump adults and children offer fresh juices, fruits. The juice costs 10 pesos ($0,50).

The cascades may be visited without any problem

The rafts are a typical transport to second riverside


There are restaurants, bars along the cascades. This holiday place is mostly occupied by Mexican tourists, not so many white ones. There is a lot of restaurants. Behind the catering area, people put up their tents.

 Refreshing swim

In small bay, outside the mainstream of the river, adults and children enjoy a refreshing swim. It is also possible to cross the river. On small rafts, boys offer their services for 40 pesos (after negotiations).

The raft to transport the tourists to second riverside

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