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Town hall

Back in the day the city was a center of world millionaires.


Mérida is a very important business, industrial and cultural center. You can find here many residences, villas, theatres, parks, churches and monuments. It is wotrh too see in Zócalo:
  • Town hall. This pink building formely a city prison. Nowadays it is the city rathaus. The clock tower comes from the 1920s.
  • Palace of the Governor. Inside the building on murals (wall paintings) are presented history of Mexico.
  • Cathedra. Inside, on the altar stands huge wooden crucifix.
Three kilometers to the north from Zócalo is Monument of Motherland (Paseo de Montejo). It shows big Mexican patriotism. The monument was built in 1976.


Touts and peddlers

In the city centre, in particular at Zócalo is many touts and peddlers. Peddlers have the goods with them for a lower price, often with lower quality. The touts invite tourists to go to their friend who has a shop next door. In that way they are trying to sell hammocks, shirts and other goods. Shops are more expensive, but the quality seems to be higher. Indicative prices:
  • Hammocks, in the shop from 1000 pesos, on the street starting from 250 pesos
  • Panama hats, in shops, good quality, cost several hundred pesos
  • Shirts made of agave, in shops cost 600 pesos
Monument of Motherland (Paseo de Montejo)


The location of the city leads to sightseeing trips to the nature near the Gulf of Mexico. You can see there flamingos, cenotes. It is also possible to take a boat trip. Sometimes you can catch a trip organized by or through the hostel. It costs approx. 450 pesos.

Palace of the Governor

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