Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Dos Ojos

Iguana on ruins

Dos Ojos means two eyes. On of the many cenotes in Yucatan.


Cenote Dos Ojos is located on the Playa Del Carmen - Tulum route, close to Xel-Ha theme park. The best transport (the cheapest and easiest) is by Collectivo - private buses. They drive there quite often. It is important to tell the driver to stop in front of the entry to Dos Ojos, because it isn't usual stop for them.

Ruins of the palace


Near Dos Ojos, 100 - 200 meters in the direction of Xel-Ha theme park are ruins of Xelha' The ruins are hided in the forest. The ticket costs only 40 pesos. Small ruins are spread in the thin forest. Sightseeing should not take more than 1 - 2 hours. Many iguanas are running on the ruins. Iguanas are harmless herbivorous animals. Only their image is a bit scary.

Ruins of the Xelha'


Cenote - cave flooded with water. There are hundreds of them in Yucatan. Many of them are connected by underground channels to create huge systems. Many of them are also connected with the sea. In the result, there are two types of water: fresh water and brine. Such mixture makes amazing effects. In the cenotes very popular is snorkeling and diving. Apparently this is one of the best places in the world for such activities.

Cenote Xelha'

Dos Ojos - logistic

Near the main road is parking, few buildings and ticket office. The cave is 4 km away. The road to the cave is very well marked, but the road is in the burning sun without any shadow. You can by the ticket with or without the guide. Besides snorkeling you can also dive here.

A little, fast and nimble lizard

Option with the guide for snorkeling:
  • Price 450 peso
  • Possibility to visit bat cave
  • Car transport to the cave
  • Equipment included (mask, wetsuit, swimfin, flashlight, life vest)
Option without the guide:
  • Price 150 peso
  • No possibility to visit bats' cave
  • No car transport, need to walk 4 km in the sun
Iguanas on ruins

Swimming in the cave

I took option with the guide. After changing clothes, the group is taken to the first cave. It is good moment to get used to the water, learn how to use the equipment. Water is perfectly clear. Sometimes small fishes can be seen. Later we go to the second cave. First guide is leading us to the bat cave, second is behind to secure the group. We are quite long in the water, so it can be cold at some moment. Even the heat doesn't help, so wetsuit may be useful.

Iguana on the tree

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