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Cancún in shortcut

The flights to Mexico are usually to Mexico City or Cancún. Often, tickets to Cancún are cheaper, but these flights usually have stopover in USA. In USA visa is required even for transfer. The city lies on the coast of the Caribbean Sea. This holiday town is well connected with the United States. A lot of Americans and Europeans come here for vacations. Authorities made a lot of advertisement. Photos from Cancún are almost everywhere where Mexico is shown. In the morning many tourists do jogging, at night party at one of many clubs, hotels. The whole Yucatan is significantly more expensive than other Mexico states. Summarize, here it is not easy to see real Mexico. It is easier to fell here like in Europe or USA.

Flight Mexico City - Cancún

Cheap airline VivaAerobus offers flights between cities in Mexico. A few days before departure I bought the ticket from Mexico City to Cancún for $140. There is a queue to entry the plane. First can come passengers with ticket VIP, then with number 1, then 2, 3, 4. Of course the lowest ticket numbers are the most expensive. I had flight with this company only once and we had one hour delay.



It is possible to take bus or taxi from airport to the city. A "safe" taxi costs 700 pesos (about $38). The bus costs 80 pesos. Buses go to the city once per hour. As the advantage, the buses works even in late hours - it is possible to catch one even after 10pm. The alternative is private taxis. It costs 400 pesos ($22), but you can bargain. I was able to reduce the price to 350 pesos. The private taxi may not be so safe, so be cautious when taking one. It is much better not to do a tour of the ATMs in the city with special company. Fortunatelly, my taxi was ok, nothing bad happened. The smarty driver was taking other cars in traffic jam according to his own rules. He did not stop the car at the address I wanted, but in the front of the strip club. Taxis in the city are more reliable, but still they have special price for white tourists. For example I paid 70 pesos for the drive that should costs 40 - 50 pesos. First call for that was 90 pesos, so two times more than for Mexicans.

Transport around Caribbean Coast

Along the coast you can travel by bus or "Collectivo". Collective is a small bus ready to take passengers. They are much cheaper than normal buses and they only travel along the Caribbean Coast, namely Cancún - Playa del Carmen - Akumal - Tulum. They don't have any schedule, but there is many of them on the road. You can get in or get out at any place on the road.

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