Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Równoleżnik Zero Wrocław 2019

Pociąg graniczny Laos - Tajlandia

"Two backpacks, two people - one motorbike" this is the title of the lecture we will present during the festival Równoleżnik Zero in Wrocław.
We will tell you if it's worth buying a motorbike in a country with millions of them, if you can spend the whole night in the jungle under your tent and how to not be manipulated by a local monks.

Laos,okolice Kasi

The meeting will take place on Saturday 6 April, at 5:00 pm in the Tourist Library at 78 Szewska Street in Wrocław.

The full festival program is available under this link:

We invite you to meet Asia with our eyes.

 From the festival:

Festival Równoleżnik Zero in Wrocław 2019

For us it was a pleasure to meet with you. We are happy so many of you came to meet with us. I could dress my Vietnamese helmet and glasses:

Vietnamese helmet and glasses

See you on next festival... :-)

Równoleżnik Zero, Wrocław 2019

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