Friday, May 4, 2018

Arco - Italian food

Who doesn't like Italian food? I can it all the time. The feast may begin with a starter, for example a bread being dipped in the olive produced in local vineyards. Next is pizza, lasagne, pasta. For drink it can be an Italian coffee or a glass of fine Italian wine. The wine is also from the the local vineyards. For dessert, panna cotta or tiramisu, or other sweets are waiting.

Lasagne & pizza

This is just a small sample of what is waiting for us. How will we pay for that? The prices are listed below.
  1. Coperto (tips), 1 - 1,50 euro
  2. Bread with olive, 0 euro
  3. Pizza, lasagne, pasta, etc., 6-9 euro
  4. Dessert, 4 - 5 euro
  5. Coffee, glass of wine, 4 - 5 euro
Spaghetti bolognese

Coperto - so-called a tip included to the service price. Usually it costs 1 euro, but it may be slightly higher in better, more expensive restaurants. It is paid only by the person who orders a meal. For example, three people come together to the restaurant. Two of them drink beer, wine or coffee, one person takes some meal. Only this one person pays for the coperto.

Dessert: a meringue cake, strawberries and ice cream

A bread is always brought before the main meal. It is gratis. Olive is always on the table, so it is also for free.


Pizza, lasagne, pasta and other traditional Italian dishes are more or less at similar prices. However, typical dinner is much more expensive. Please note, that the pizza is only one standard size, suitable for one person.

 Tiramisu & pana cotta

 Pizza sold by pieces with fries

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